ZEN Rules!

The end of a long but productive week. The ZENWorks workshop stuff we did went really well, I just hope we can keep the momentum going. It’s tough because folks are demoralised. We have good people but they’ve been messed about and it’s not fair. This blog has nothing to do with work, so I’m going to express the view.

We’re taking a look at the new GroupWise Mobile Server next week, we’re all cautiously excited (is that a bit odd?) as it will open a lot of new avenues for GW, which we’re hell bent on keeping. I just hope we can have more bodies so we can give more and better quality support for it.

Got SLED10 RC2.5 working finally at home. The NVidia driver thing was a really tough one, but one forum had a fix involving Sax2 re-writing the xorg.conf. Took minutes to solve, ironically. Still can’t register for updates. Apparently that bug is top of the list for both SLED and OpenSuse 10.1.

The weather is perking up too, and England are still in the World Cup. Toute le monde, Rodders!!


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