In the news

at the moment….

– Dell and Lenovo are to ship notebooks with Linux pre-loaded. Welcome to the party!

– SCO lose the court case with Novell over the IP rights on Linux. Goodbye, SCO.

– It is reckoned that we are sitting on a “disciplinary timebomb” with boys at school. Hence the reason to try and employ more male teachers, who are more likely to be the dominant figure in the classroom. Soapbox time – get all the men you want, but let them teach with both hands in front as it were, not with one hand tied behind their backs. Don’t allow ridiculous claims for litigation from stupid parents and be clear from the off on how pupils will be taught. Firm but fair, problem solved!

– Wigan lose the first match of the season. Ah well, it’s a marathon not a sprint.

Now playing on Banshee – “Hey You, The Rock Steady Crew” – a classic!


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