Thanks to the

joy of Vodafone Mobile Connect, here I sit in the departure lounge of Brussels Airport waiting for my flight back home to Manchester. I can’t say I’m sorry, really. An interesting observation – rain and howling winds in Bruges is considered “atmospheric”, whilst in Manchester it’s considered “fookin’ typical” (in the local parlance). Isn’t it strange how context can make such a difference?

Another interesting thing I saw on the Belgian Trains was a sign that said “Respect is mutual, that’s class”. I do like this and think it says a lot without saying much, if you know what I mean. I get the impression the flight home will be sparsely populated – I’ve only seen three or four people so far sat next to the gate (myself included), so that’s going to be a little strange.

I never did get to watch more Prison Break last night. The DVD I had it on was scratched to buggery and would not play. Instead I watched the 40 Year Old Virgin on British TV (yet another reason to like the Hotel Navarra!). I didn’t get to see it all, but what I did see was piss funny, especially the chest waxing scene and the stuff he says to the Chinese woman doing it. Really must see this movie in it’s entirety when I get home.

Other than that, not much to report. I was given an external USB Western Digital Passport hard drive from the conference. It’s really sleek, and makes transporting big files to and from work a whole lot easier. Kudos indeed to Erno and Paul of GroupWiseR, they organised a superb event. I have to remark that Paul reminds me a little of Yosser Hughes – maybe it’s the ‘tache!

The news on the dog is better today, hopefully tomorrow’s X Ray will reveal less than the worst, as she seems to be much perkier now the anti biotics have kicked in. Who knows, maybe we will get the miracle we’re due?

Bon Voyage from Brussels for the last time!


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