VCAP-DTA Consolidated Study Guide


You’ve probably read all the blog posts for the VCAP-DTA blueprint and seen how I started off quite jovial and got more and more serious as time went on! As part of my exam study, I basically took all the content I’d written so far and pasted it all into a single document so I could quickly skim read it on the way to the test centre.

Once I failed the exam, I noticed there were gaps in the study guide, so rather than maintain two lots of information, the consolidated guide will now be the only updated information source up to the point that I actually pass this bloody exam! The guide itself is free, so help yourself and feel free to distribute it but do not charge a fee for it!

If you have any errata or comments, please feel free to tweet me and I’ll try and get it corrected.

The latest version is 1.5, dated 15th August 2014 and can be downloaded here.

I also wrote some questions to help you understand the exam blueprint. These questions are not a brain dump!

The latest version of the bonus materials is 1.0, dated 30th July 2014 and can be downloaded here




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