Linuxy Stuff

Started afresh learning all of the Novell Linux training stuff, in the hope I can resit the CLP practicum sometime soon and do a proper job of it. Let me give you one word of advice, you can’t wing it. Well, more than one word but only one sentiment. Oh, and you can still pass and not get everything right, which is what I thought. That’s now two sentiments. Sorry.

Happy February, what’s left of it. Cardiff this weekend, hopefully we can put one over those franchise following Mancunian-by-proxy types from Guildford. Will post some Cardiff pics on my return.

The pic illustrates an oxymoron – a nuclear missile promotes peace. Those that have them threaten those who don’t with them and we somehow maintain an uneasy status quo. I’m very down on religion – find me a war or major conflict in history that didn’t have religion as it’s spark. There won’t be many.


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