To Sky+ or not to Sky+?

That is certainly the question. I’m locked in mental anguish, trying to decide whether or not to stick with reliable but extremely boring NTL telly, or whether to go with Sky+. Everyone I know who has the latter says it is indeed the dog’s love potatoes, but it’s still a bit of a decision to make.

I have no beef with NTL, the phone and broadband is perfectly fine, but they are so slow to innovate, it’s untrue. They’ve recently merged with Telewest (who have just released a PVR, which is really the selling point), but there seems no sign of integrating TW’s progressive thinking into the boring green giant.

Sky’s latest offer ends today, so I’m going to take a look tomorrow to see what’s on offer. If it’s good, I’ll probably go for it. If not, I’ll hang back and see what NTL has to offer. I might even ring NTL up and see if they’ll bend over for me if I stay with their TV a little while longer.

Watch this space. Going to watch 24 now…


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