When you rediscover anything that’s brill…

You know, like :-

– Shrek 2 DVD

– “Get A Grip” by Aerosmith

– INXS Greatest Hits

I’m sure there is a whole lot more from my past waiting to be rediscovered (even if Shrek 2 is reasonably recent, it’s a lot better than the first).

The weather in Manchester has been oppressive, at least by the usual standards. It’s been high 20 something Celsius (sorry, don’t know what that is really in old money – 80F?) all week and I suspect even sun lovers are getting a little sick of the sweltering nights and sweaty days.

The aged A/C in the machine room at work is barely able to keep the equipment at a workable temperature. Maybe if it all trips off, we can go home! 😉

It’s still 24C now and it’s thundering it’s arse off. I find something quite liberating about being caught out in the rain on a sweaty night. It once happened in Wigan on a Saturday night out years ago – we got drenched in a flash shower in between pubs. We got into the John Bull and everyone stared at us like wet t-shirt contestants!

The finest pub in Wigan, and the holder of many fantastic memories.


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