Now then..

So let’s see, what’s going on in the world at the moment.

Well, Israel and Lebanon are bombing the shit out of each other. Hmm, it seems that the UK is nominally on the side of the Israelis in this conflict, by virtue of the fact we seem to be a pile on America’s bottom. We just do what they say, whatever and whenever. It makes us all look rather stupid. Mr Blair, you must be so proud.

Condoleeza Rice goes to the Middle East, ostensibly to peddle peace, which seems a trifle two faced when the US are shipping armaments out to Israel like they’re going out of fashion. Maybe she’s over there to drop off the invoices personally, you know, just to make sure the Israelis realise they’re on 30 days credit or something.

I can’t imagine the folks living in these areas thinking war is the way forward, no matter how much you hate the opposition. Who wins in war? As far as I can see, it’s fertile ground for construction companies, armaments companies and religious head bangers who think it’s all a good idea to kill someone on the grounds that the opposition follow someone else’s God. Come on, like it’s a franchise!

Away from the arguments you can’t win, I’ve had a delve into Michel Thomas’s Spanish course. Interesting! It’s very popular and you can see why. He’s basically showing you how a lot of English words are roughly the same in Spanish (and presumably any other latin based language) and how quickly you can start constructing crude sentences. Hopefully I’ll get time to persevere with it in the coming weeks.



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