Amazing how quickly you can forget to blog, or just not get around to it, or not even make an excuse to record your ramblings for posterity. I don’t know, maybe even one day someone will actually read this (most likely if I get hit by a meteorite on Peter Street tonight) and make some sense of it.

Just because I haven’t blogged doesn’t mean that there has been nothing going on. Family wise we are still getting over Nan’s death. I’m getting over it much better than I thought I would, although I’m sure it won’t be easy over Christmas. After the death of a loved one, life is full of little milestones you have to get past as part of the grieving process. I think the reason why I’ve taken it better than any other is that in all reality, she wasn’t the same person for the last year and I didn’t see much of her. Any nursing home really rubs your face in the fact that we all get old, and it’s totally pot luck what quality of life you will have by that stage. For the record, I’d rather be dead than a blubbering wreck who can’t control his own bodily functions.


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