Out With The Old

Well 2006 is almost at an end, and I don’t think I’m sorry to see it go, not that in all reality it makes much difference. Like zillions of people worldwide, I’m going to attempt to blog on a more regular basis, but I’m certainly not going to commit to promising a daily rant, it’s utterly pointless. Same with New Years resolutions, what a waste of time.

In the news, Saddam is dead. Years ago in my much younger, more impetuous days, I used to believe in the death penalty. Now I don’t. Really, what’s the point. I know in the Iraqi culture, it’s more of an eye for an eye, but it doesn’t make things right. Do his victim’s families really feel a sense of closure, or do they just feel cheated? The people he gassed died in terrible pain, Saddam was apparently half way through a sentence when they dropped the trap door and snapped his neck. It must have been like switching out a light. Instead, why not let him rot in prison for 15 years or more, thinking about what he’s done and not making a martyr out of him.

Also, with the cult of personality these type of people tend to have, why not spend time chatting to him, getting inside of his head, learning what made him tick? These dictators tend to be garralous, so I don’t imagine you’d need thumb screws to find out much about him.

Not much else to tell apart from I miss the crushing normality of the daily routine, and look forward to getting back to work on Tuesday. Until that point, I’ll enjoy my new 40″ Samsung LCD telly!


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