Gordon (Brown) Is

a moron, or so goes the song. From the 1st Feb, his hike in air taxes takes effect, probably much to the detriment of anyone travelling anywhere by plane. Badly thought through, retrospective and ostensibly to reduce the “carbon footprint”. Oh get a life. You’ve taxed like no Chancellor in history and spent it on stupid causes.

Raising taxes does not stop people from making necessary journeys, it just makes the good people of the UK want to go and live in a country that doesn’t try and put them on a guilt trip for having two weeks away in Spain with the family. I don’t really agree with global warming as a theory, on top of the fact now the UK press is verging on the hysterical, with the UK Government doing all they can to fuel it. It makes me want to rip my arm out of my socket just so I have something to beat them with ( (C) Joey, Friends).

Found out my BrainShare conference fee has been refunded owing to my new found speaker status. The boss will be pleased!


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