Trying out SLED10 SP1

beta 3 on the work laptop, which I brought home for the weekend. It’s a Toshiba Tecra M3, and the grub install failing apart (requiring some voodoo with Knoppix, amongst others), it’s worked really nicely. What I do like about what I see in SP1 :-

– New Banshee, with radio stations, task bar support and podcast support (sweet, Mr Bockover!)

– Firefox 2.02. Better Firefox, and the Beagle plugin works. Must be newer than the one published, which refused point blank to work with the 2.02 I downloaded on my home SLED10 FCS machine.

– Redesigned GNOME Main Menu, makes more sense than before, better flow abd grouping. That said, I’d still like to see an application browser to complement the Spotlight-type interface there at the moment.

– I think XGL has had some under the hoods tweaking too, some of the effects seem a lot more responsive than previously and there are some icon changes in Control Centre (hah! UK Spelling)

That said, power management is still an issue. Maybe it’s the wi-fi draining the battery, but I’m only getting a couple of hours max, even with SP1. I’d like to see this improve vastly, really. The iBook I used in Barcelona gave me 4 hours without breaking a sweat.

I still like where SLED is going, and the rate of evolution is staggering. At this rate, by SLED11, they will really be cracking heads together.

Away from Linux, Wigan win again and we move off that dreaded fourth from bottom spot. Still not as much daylight between us and the drop zone as I’d like, but better to be where we are than down there, for sure!


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