Well quite simply

one of the best shows on TV in years, Life On Mars, ended last night. It will certainly put a void in my week’s TV viewing. It’s notable that the paucity of good shows now (especially British ones) have meant that there are few programmes I stop what I’m doing to sit down and watch. LoM is one of them, along with the CSI franchises, and that’s pretty much it. Oh, and of course the ever brilliant 24.

I originally watched the show because it was filmed in Manchester, some locations were even at MMU (Toastrack building in season 2, the offices of the Avon-type company) and also last night in the finale (Geoffrey Manton building standing in as the modern hospital). Locations apart, the show had so much wit, heart, style and was clearly a labour of love for the cast and writers. I now read that the brilliant DCI Gene Hunt will return, in an 80’s style sequel called “Ashes to Ashes”. Hope it doesn’t stink!


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