Wow, it’s been

so long since I last blogged, I hadn’t realised. Thoughts are now straying to the GroupWise Summit, coming up at the beginning of December. I don’t like flying at the best of times, but it’s the most dignity stripping way to travel – have you packed this bag yourself? (No!) – any Kalashnikovs in your hand luggage? (Yes! Shit yes!). I would have loved Eurostar from St Pancras, but it’s simply not practical from Manchester. To get there for Sunday night, I’d have to set off on Friday (probably).

I have submitted two sessions for BrainShare ’08, now to get my employers to pay for it. This is turning out to be so much harder than I expected, especially owing to exceptional circumstances which aren’t to do with me, but affect the outcome none the less. I have a Plan B in case needs must – hopefully I won’t need it.

Off to the Emirates Stadium this Saturday, though we’re sitting the Arsenal bit. Not that I mind, they’re the best team in Europe to watch when they are in the mood – there is no shame in being beaten by these artisans. Hopefully, Bendy Nose Bruce can fashion us a point, I’d be delighted with that!


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