And so it has come to pass, after eight or so years of fruitful (not to mention award winning) endeavours, my erstwhile employer has decided to tear out the fully functioning and well integrated Novell heartbeat of our network in favour of it’s Microsoft bastard cousin. Like most decisions of this type, there has been little or no consultation, no chats with the people who’ve made it all tick. There has been no chance for Novell to state it’s case. There has been no working party as such, no dialogue. One man has chosen this path, is sticking rigidly to it and we all have to put a square peg into a round hole.

To say I don’t agree is a violent understatement. This is on many levels, none of which I can be bothered to annunciate. However, we all have bills to pay and food to buy, so for now, I’ll suck it up. Needless to say, if you’re a Novell house in need of a good honest, time served and battled hardened pro – give me a call – chris at chrisbeckett dot org dot uk.

Finally, in today’s news – “Head on beach was migrant worker“. “That’s OK, then” say locals.


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