Teradici University Videos

A mercifully brief blog post today – if you’re looking to get down and dirty with PCoIP (and who isn’t?), there are some excellent free training videos on Teradici’s website. You will notice that they’re a little dated (2010 in some cases) but fundamentally the ideas remain the same and you can certainly take the knowledge forward into View 6.x deployments. You can also register for free on the support site, where there are some other tools and bits and pieces, but well worth the effort. Also worth a look if you’re studying for any View exams, some of the video content lends itself to sitting the two View VCAP exams.

The videos themselves are no longer than 30 mins, which makes them bite sized enough even for my gnat like span of attention. Check out the links below for further information:-

Teradici University landing page

PCoIP Protocol Introduction

PCoIP Protocol Implementation

PCoIP Protocol On The Network

PCoIP High Level Overview

Troubleshooting PCoIP Deployments



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