I’ve attended three funerals now in the same family in around six months. I’ve heard in the eulogies that these occasions make you consider your own mortality. Perhaps I’m getting more laid back in my thirties, but to be honest, the thought never crossed my mind.

After a certain point, you just accept that things happen for a reason (even if sometimes there doesn’t appear to be a reason). It always reveals itself in the days, months and if you’re really unlucky, years ahead.

On a lighter note (E maj. ought to do it), bought myself a new digital camera yesterday. It was a totally impulse purchase, which is something I never do. I had some rare spare time, so I decided to take some pictures of the boys and experiment with black and white photos in The Gimp (that’s a free software package, before you get kinky!).

Shift tilt is an amazing thing where say someone takes an aerial shot of Vegas, alters it in Photoshop, and makes it look like a model village. Insanely brilliant. Head over to Flickr and check it out, there’s loads of them. It’s truly inspiring and makes me want to record life better for posterity.


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