Let’s go SLED-ding

Went SLED10 release version last night, doesn’t look, feel or play differently than the RC3 I was using before. Had the usual problem of the machine crashing at the end of the main install (you know, the graphics and sound card bit). Hand cranked the NVidia drivers and re-write of Xorg.conf with Sax2 -c 1 after coming up in “failsafe” mode (aka Runlevel 3).

Restarted and all worked OK. I had to run the sound detection in YaST | Hardware | Sound, but that took seconds and worked flawlessly. After that, added four Xine RPMs to give me DVD playback. I don’t bother with XGL as it interferes with Xine too much. Mangles the control panel etc. Nevermind. I can live with it.

Now just putting all my junk back on, such as photos, tunes etc. At home, I must use Windows 0.5% of the time, and that’s only because of my Windows Mobile PDA.

Took some nice snaps of Manchester in the sunsheeeiiinnnneee on Wednesday, some of which made it to Flickr (almost out of quota for this month!).

Weather slightly cooler today, glad for something of a break!


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