Both of my

BrainShare sessions appear to have cleared all the necessary legal, factual and whatever else (oh, design) checks, and we have a green light for go! It was a process I wasn’t looking forward to, as I’ve been speaking regularly for a couple of years now and never before has it been vetted to such an extent. I’m trying to create a reputation as a plain speaker, but at the same time approachable afterwards for a chat and possibly a pint about it.

I don’t even mind if people pick holes in my arguments, as long as it’s explained to me why that persons disagrees. The whole point of presenting in my view is to stimulate and promote discussion, not stupify people, or drop them harmlessly into a coma after 10 minutes.

Wigan v Everton tomorrow, if we don’t get a result then frankly I fear we might be bothering Championship clubs again next season. I explained to Matt earlier that I’m less bothered about this than maybe I should be. I’ve been a Wigan fan for the best part of 25 years, and most of those were in the lower leagues, so what’s the worry?


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