Well apparently

it’s now just 33 days to BrainShare. Sounds like a mile away and also frighteningly close in equal measure. My presentations (BUS222 and BUS226) are done and dusted, but I will be giving them the once over before the final deadline for submission. Still seems a bit odd really that all of this is happening, presumably it will sink in when I land at JFK and I have to wait hours for my connecting flight!

Wow, this is my first blog post for Feb. In the news, Blair nicks more Muslims, this time part of a beheading plot. I hope this turns out to be more successful than the Forest Gate raid, which cost millions and made all look stupid. Similarly the airline liquid bomb thing, that turned out to be a big fuss over apparently nothing. Mark me as highly cynical, but these major busts seem to handily co-incide with bad news for Labour, like the cash for honours probe. Blair now has blinkers on, has gone mad and will need escorting out of Number 10.

Microsoft launch Windows Vista. Had a brief play, I still think 6 versions is bloody stupid. It looks not unlike a Mac, so why not buy a Mac? The Aero interface is not as good as XGL in SLED10 (which latterly uses much less hardware) and half your current apps and devices such as PDAs, Cameras and iPods don’t work with it. Bloody marvellous. I know Microsoft bashing is an Olympic sport, but it is always good to laugh at their multi-million dollar expense.

Pre-ordered a PS3 from Virgin Megastores, however it ships on the Friday I’m at BrainShare, so hopefully my collection proxy won’t get any hassle from the pimply jobsworth that usually mans the games counter. All the accessories will be coming home with me from SLC, where they are half the price of the UK. We’re being robbed, I tell you!

Arsenal were lucky, but I’m proud of the boys. One last comment, if that “penalty” incident had have been at the other end, Dowd would have pointed to the spot. The big teams always get the decisions, fact.

Goodnight, Life on Mars is back!!


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