First post for

a while. I noticed that the last one was at the beginning of May, which surprised me really. It seems like a lot longer than that. And of course it goes without saying that an immense amount has happened in the last six weeks. Not least the following (in no particular order) :-

– Went to Spain for a two week “holiday”

– My wife broke my camera, so only a couple of days of photos

– Father in law lost his job owing to the actions of a despot who runs the place like his own personal fiefdom

– Dad got a job! Woo! Thought it would never happen and he’d have to keep on dragging himself off fishing until he drops off his perch

– Bought a new camera (Fuji 5600), not arrived yet

– Got a PSP, frightened to death of breaking it (see above for why). Good fun though, if a little frivolous

– Went to Port Aventura and saw their new ride, “Furious Baco”. Damn, doesn’t open until after we leave

– Hardly got sunburned at all, thanks to judicious use of hats and suncream

– Went to Barcelona for the day. Nice place, nice weather, mad people at the Sants station coming back to Salou

– Went to Tarragona and had a look at the cathedral and windy streets. Beautiful stuff and made me realise that I need a better camera (see above)

I’ll probably blog in more depth tomorrow as I’m going to see Velvet Revolver after work, which means me staying in the office (Apollo is only 20 mins on foot from work) and attempting to kill time.


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