The world in

brief, as I’m too lazy currently to blog properly (and in no particular order) :-

– Getting to grips with my new camera, not as tricky as I presumed, but then again you need to have imagination to frame good pictures, and I don’t seem to have it.

– Joined Facebook, and I still don’t get it. I feel old, this manifests itself in various different ways, especially when I eschew new tech fads. You can rest assured that you’ll never find me on Second Life. My first life is just fine, thankyou.

– Jemima Khan – Find your own cats and stop wasting everyone’s time. And newsflash – YOU AREN’T SEXY!

– Metropolitan Police – Stop humouring dumb as fenceposts micro “celebrities” and concentrate on real crime, you know, where real people actually get hurt.

– Thierry Henry, I don’t think real Arsenal fans will miss you moaning your head off. Fans in the suites, you’re going to have to learn the players’ names now, aren’t you?

– SLED10 SP1 killed both my NDISWrapper powered wi-fi stick and also my NVidia drivers. Managed to sort it all out reasonably quickly and it’s good experience.

– Come on EA, get some decent footy game out for the PS3. Playing FIFA 06 is not the same.

– Blair is out, Brown is in. Nothing changes, except things get worse.

– Manchester congestion charging – are you taking the p*ss?

Full of a cold, bad mood, feel like I’m constantly choking on phlegm.


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