Interesting trip so far. My luggage did arrive last night, after stupidly walking past the transfer area (like last year, I appear to have a blind spot here) at Chicago. The shuttle then arrived for the hotel after about 15 minutes, so I had a quick shower and then a couple of liveners at the Port O Call. By the time I retired to bed, I had no idea what day it was, let alone what time it was. I kept waking up in the night and seeing it was dark, so went back to sleep.

Went to the IMAX to see “Adrenaline Rush”, the first of many anticipated freebies this week. Very good, met up with Robin and David from Novell UK, had a bit of a chat about the state of the GUG and how we can get more people to meetings. Also met Sylvain and Marc for the first time, indirectly from the NGWList. Nice guys, hope they didn’t think I was ignorant when we went our seperate ways, but they obviously had a lot in common and I thought it best to leave them to it.

Now fully registered, after haggling over my free Novell jacket. They seem to have me registered twice, once as a paying guest and once as a speaker. I’ll milk my paid status for a couple of days and then get it revoked. I also picked up my speaker attire, much nicer than last year’s horrid slate grey effort. Nice blue shirt – that’s the spirit!

Off to the welcome reception later, hopefully get a few snaps for the album. I’ve time to kill, so may even wander down towards Trolley Square and see if it’s any good.


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