Thanks to all who came to my BrainShare session, and especially those who stayed to the bitter end! I think I will do less on the demo front on Thursday when I repeat the session. I did too much on stuff already in SLED, and should have concentrated more on what isn’t.

If you were there, give me your thoughts!


One thought on “18-Mar-08

  1. David Tio

    My schedule seems to always clash with your session so I won’t be able to attend it. Sorry mate, but I read through your presentation and it sounds really really interesting.

    I agree with you, people wanting to attend your session will have probably use SLED at the moment so doing more presentation on what isn’t in SLED will be more interesting.

    Listing a good SLED 10 U1 compatible repositories would be useful too.

    Good luck for the next session mate.

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