Again a hearty thanks to all who came, stayed and asked questions at the TUT225 session yesterday. Thanks to those who attended on Tuesday too and who gave their feedback. You may be pleased to know that I incorporated those comments into yesterday’s session, and I think it went much better. The feedback I’ve had on the session survey site has been excellent, and I really do appreciate those who take the time to not only fill it out, but also to leave a comment.

I agree with whoever made the comment about the catering staff. Room 150G appears to back onto the kitchen, and it was bloody noisy. Worse still for me as I’m still operating in mono mode (right ear still completely deaf), so all I could hear was those guys yacking away behind me.

Thanks too to those who came along at the end to ask questions – that’s when you know that the session has hit the mark. I thoroughly enjoyed bringing it to you, and I hope you can take away something new that you learned and apply it to your use of desktop Linux.

Just finished lunch and I’m going to head down to the Gateway for some fresh air before the Friday keynote. It’s a shame really that BrainShare only really got going for me yesterday, perhaps the ATT registration confusion didn’t help. Hopefully I’ll be back next year and all of those things will be a distant memory.


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