So I’m heading into September, which means I have less than a month to go at MMU. For a while, it’s been a bit strange having handed in my notice but having to keep going for two months before I can move on. Often at times like this, you spend odd moments snatched away from every day life to wonder if you are doing the right thing. This is entirely human and entirely expected. I don’t think I can give MMU any more than I’ve given in the last decade, and conversely, MMU has nothing left to give me.

Thankfully other avenues exist, and it’s been surprising and flattering that I have allies in several places who rate me highly enough to have opened doors to move on. As it stands, I still believe the choice I have made to move to Salford Software is the correct one. I want a job,  not a career. I suppose it will sink in around 10am on my first day in my new job that I’m somewhere different after spending a third of my life with one employer. Sounds bad when you phrase it like that!

What else? A trip to Vienna next week for the annual pan European GUG get together. It’s an interesting time as it serves to highlight the many cultural differences between the UK and the rest of mainland Europe. For example, they are still very excited about GroupWise 8 and Teaming “PLUS” Conferencing (you aren’t allowed to say “and”, I’m told), whereas in the UK we’ve already dropped off our perches in boredom as we’ve seen the new bits for over a year now (two BrainShares in fact, get a move on!).

BrainShare was a little depressing this year after last year’s virgin effort. I had this idea that Novell needed something big to launch at the event. I don’t know how I got there, but pretty quickly I latched onto the idea of the “Magnificent Seven”. You could have a cheesy Clint-a-like come on stage in a poncho (Fistful Of Dollars era, naturally!) and take out some Microsoft looking wimp. Then I thought, what would be the seven products you could use? What about :-

– GroupWise

– Open Enterprise Server


– Sentinel

– Teaming PLUS (for f**ks sake) Conferencing (even though I don’t rate it)

– eDirectory

– SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop/Server

At the every least it’s a concept that attendees can identify with and get behind. I still think Novell is a good company with good technology, but they’re far too nice and have an over reliance these days on the Faustian pact with Microsoft.


Again a hearty thanks to all who came, stayed and asked questions at the TUT225 session yesterday. Thanks to those who attended on Tuesday too and who gave their feedback. You may be pleased to know that I incorporated those comments into yesterday’s session, and I think it went much better. The feedback I’ve had on the session survey site has been excellent, and I really do appreciate those who take the time to not only fill it out, but also to leave a comment.

I agree with whoever made the comment about the catering staff. Room 150G appears to back onto the kitchen, and it was bloody noisy. Worse still for me as I’m still operating in mono mode (right ear still completely deaf), so all I could hear was those guys yacking away behind me.

Thanks too to those who came along at the end to ask questions – that’s when you know that the session has hit the mark. I thoroughly enjoyed bringing it to you, and I hope you can take away something new that you learned and apply it to your use of desktop Linux.

Just finished lunch and I’m going to head down to the Gateway for some fresh air before the Friday keynote. It’s a shame really that BrainShare only really got going for me yesterday, perhaps the ATT registration confusion didn’t help. Hopefully I’ll be back next year and all of those things will be a distant memory.


Cocked up the timings with the CLE Practicum, thought it was 11am and it’s 1pm. Still that’s good, a little more preparation time and time in there for a spot of lunch too. Didn’t go to the keynote, but I did watch it on the big screen in the chill out area. I have to say GroupWise 8 and Teaming look very good, really must look at the latter on my return home.

Having to dive through the CLE docs beforehand and there is way too much detail to digest so quickly, I think the preparation time would be something like three months. Still, I’ll get a look at it and if I fail, it will help for next time.


Thanks to all who came to my BrainShare session, and especially those who stayed to the bitter end! I think I will do less on the demo front on Thursday when I repeat the session. I did too much on stuff already in SLED, and should have concentrated more on what isn’t.

If you were there, give me your thoughts!