So for those folks who don’t know already. my relatively brief stint at Salford Software is officially over. I’m not blogging so much because I feel the need to share it with people (I’m already very surprised at how fast word gets out these days), but more because as a student of human behaviour, I’m intrigued to see how quickly, without my help, urban rumour, myth and downright inaccuracies take hold.

It’s understandable to some extent that when someone leaves their job without any prior warning, it’s assumed that he or she did something that became a sackable offence. Therefore, when I spoke to some current and past customers after I’d left who had been friends for years, they automatically assumed I’d been fired and there was some back story to it. Unfortunately for those looking for some tittle tattle, the real story is nothing of the sort.

An opportunity came up with a competitor which I decided to take (for various reasons I won’t divulge now), but I did leave the company on very good terms, it was extremely amicable and no animals got hurt 😉

As it stands for me, well, I’m sort of on gardening leave but not. My employment ended there and then, so I now have a few weeks before my new post is due to start. Being as it’s Wednesday now, already I’m going mad and looking at ways of filling the time. I plan to have a go at the VCP4 exam next week as currently you get a free resit if you fail. I’m going to have to pay for it myself of course, so that means there’s a bit of added pressure anyway.

Aside from that, I’m performing house bound duties such as spring cleaning old crap we don’t need anymore, and I’m surprised as to how tiring that sort of thing is! I’ve also started running again, and I have to say, now I’m off the beta blockers, I’m finding it a lot easier. You can track my exercise (if you must) at the following page. Ignore the first entry, the GPS went stark raving bonkers!



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