First post of 2010 – that’s shocking. Well, maybe shocking but not surprising. Busy month coming up with work, three overseas trips though only two are work related, one is most definitely rest! That is of course providing that this dust cloud thingy buggers off like it should, and then I can take to the skies. Abu Dhabi – looking forward to it in one part, apprehensive in another.

Enjoyed the first ever televised leaders debate the other night. I agree with the consensus that Nick Clegg came out top, and this is borne out by the fact that the Daily Mail has gone after him big style today, after deciding they were going to support the Tories this time around. I know I’m not voting Labour, but Cameron frankly has not done enough to win my vote. I like Clegg’s attitude, I find it refreshing, but he also has the luxury of making unrealistic promises he’ll  never have to make good on! According to the Mail, they’re big pro-Europeans, but as I remarked to the wife, you always get some policies you don’t like with any party you vote for. Right now, I’m still undecided and maybe one of the door steppers will win me over with their bullshit rhetoric. Or then again, maybe they won’t.


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