Top vBlog 2015 Voting Is Open!

Anyone who know me knows that I am as shamelessly competitive as the next man, but if you hadn’t heard, voting is now open in the annual 2015 Top vBlog competition, over at vSphere-Land.com. There are dozens and dozens of fine blogs from which to choose, from the industry heavyweights such as Duncan Epping and Frank Denneman, to jobbing journeymen like me.

I’ve already voted in the poll and in keeping with the spirit of the competition, I’ve not voted for myself and neither have I voted for anyone who is a friend but whose blog I don’t commonly visit.

Why vote?

Blogs take time, money and energy to keep going. More often than not, they are written in the author’s own time and on web sites paid for out of their own pocket. Certainly in my case, I’ve learned a lot over the years from blogs, and if you’ve been in this game long enough, a blog posting somewhere (usually from years back) will have got you out of a pickle at some point.

By voting for your favourite blogs, it’s your way of giving these folks a pat on the back for the fine work they continue to do, not just about VMware products but also related ecosystem products such as networking, storage and utilities. It costs you nothing except about 10 minutes of your valuable time and you should pick the blogs you read and enjoy the most. I read Duncan and Cormac Hogan’s blogs a lot, so I made sure I voted for them. There are no massive cash rewards for this, just the knowledge that people enjoy and respect the effort that goes in, and more than anything else, the willingness to share it.

So vote now!

The poll is open until 19th March, but don’t leave it until the last minute or you’ll just forget. As I said earlier, the whole thing is simple and takes 10 minutes, tops.

I will! What’s involved?

Basically pick your 10 favourite blogs and then rank them into order of preference. I won’t say who I voted as number 1, but I suspect it will be the same as many others!

Then choose your favourite storage blog, your favourite scripting blog, favourite VDI blog (cough Virtual Fabric, cough, splutter!), favourite new blogger and favourite independent blogger. There are also categories for favourite news site and favourite podcast.

Enter your e-mail address (not shared with anyone) , complete the captcha and you’re done! Do it now and pat your favourite blogger virtually on the back!

Click here to vote.


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